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Student Ministry

Northside Student Ministries (NSM) exists to bring glory to God by worshipping Him in all we do, to draw others to know Jesus Christ through the overflow from our hearts, and to make disciples of whoever we are privileged to meet!  So how do we accomplish this? By doing the following:

             TEACH…the scriptures primarily,

                           also we will show you

                           how to worship Jesus, 

                           pray often,

                           and serve others.

             BUILD…relationships, disciples, leaders,

                          and communities that are centered 

                          around Jesus.

             SEND…students out into their families, schools, 

                         neighborhoods, and the world to proclaim 

                         the Gospel—the good news about Jesus.

Every Sunday morning NSM meet in their Lifegroup.  We currently have a high school and junior high lifegroup. Students are taught spiritual realities in a biblical, relevant way that connects them to God and to each other. Students are challenged to dive deeper into the Scripture as they discuss and grapple with the truth presented to them.  Starting in the month of June and finishing up at the end of August, we will be studying about "Investing in Others" and "Set Apart".

Recharge is our Student worship service for NSM that meets every Wednesday night from 6:30-8 pm. Each worship service has the following elements: Crowd-breaker activity, prayer time, worship thru music and a relevant message from God's Word on issues that students are dealing with on a daily basis.  Following the worship service, students break into small groups, which are led by the seniors and they discuss the message, share challenges, encourage one another and have a time of prayer.

According to Webster's dictionary, the word serve means,  "to perform duties or services for (another person or an organization)".  God has called all of His followers to serve those around them.  There are opportunites to be God's hands and feet each week at Northside.  These opportunities are Children's Worship, Video booth, Sound booth, ProPresenter, a door greeter, OverUnder Food Bank, just to mention a few.  If interested, See Jason Wofford for more details.

Come to church and worship with us and then let's hang out, get something to eat and do something fun.  This is for 7th-12th grade students. Watch for details. 

Every Monday through the summer we will work on building healthy Spiritual habits to take with us into the new school year.  Students will be provided Quiet Time materials, scriptures for memorization, be trained to use witnessing tracts to share the gospel with their friends, work on being more familiar with the Books of the Bible, serving in one of our local Food banks and eating lunch together.

Zephyr Student Camps are for 7th-12th grade students, and strive to bring youth groups a great camp experience that they can build on year round.  With great teaching, music and events, Zephyr focuses on providing great content and opportunities to build relationships.  Your group will have a church group prayer time before worship and a church group discussion time after worship each night.

Camp Speaker

Jeff Garner will be the Camp speaker for the week. Jeff is the Teaching Pastor & Next Gen Minister at Mission City Church in San Antonio. He graduated     from Ouachita Baptist University with a degree in Biblical Studies and has 2 masters degrees from Southwestern Seminary. For 15 years in ministry Jeff has believed that students are the most influential generation on the planet, and he desires to tap into that influence to see it unleashed for the glory of God.  Don’t be surprised if you hear the students call him “Juice”. He loves to take that nickname from his college football days into his passion for preaching the Gospel. Juice has a passion to make Jesus knows, and see others find their joy in the work of Christ. He is married to his beautiful wife Sarah and they have two precious daughters and a hurricane of a son. He enjoys fantasy football, reading and some good Mexican food. Juice can’t wait to return to Camp Zephyr!

Camp Worship

Brett McDonald will lead the worship throughout our camp week. Brett serves as the worship pastor at Central Baptist Church in Round Rock, TX. He grew    up in the church and began leading worship as a teenager in his youth group. Since then, he has had the opportunity to lead worship with his friends at events across the state. Brett’s favorite person is his wonderful wife Helen and he is the proud dad of an awesome son and two beautiful daughters.  Brett’s passion is for the local church. His prayer is that the people of God use their gifts to build the church for God’s glory.

Meeting Details

We will have a meeting on Sunday, January 23, 2022 in the Student room.  In this meeting will be discussed all details of camp.  Total cost for camp is $290.  A $35 non-refundable deposit will be required to register.  The rest of the fee, $255 will be collected in June.  A new medical/liability waiver will need to be on file for 2023.  The medical/liability form can be found at the bottom of this webpage.  For any questions, please email Jason at